Spring Series - Aldergrove Long Race Report

Raced in the C group. And was able to stay with the top 5 riders for most of the race. There was an attack on the third lap that I lost on the last climb. I considered trying to close the gap but then I figured by the time I caught them, I would be absolutely gassed and blurry eyed. So I ended remaining with the main peloton for the rest of the race. I was able to remain in the top five of that group except for a few of the climbs where I would fall back. But I was able to make my way back to the front after the climb. On the last lap I knew where I sat in comparison to the other riders m especially the girls. I did miss an attack on zero where a solo rider went off the front and held. Half way along zero I got mentally prepared to suffer terribly on the last climb. On the first bump up I was boxed in and I hoped and prayed that someone would stall or jump. On the second bump the left side moved just enough for me to move through and find the escape velocity girl in front of me. On the last section if the hill escape velocity girl was in front but then she hesitated which was enough for me to come around her for the win.

Between the RR and the TT I got a little chilled but luckily I had the little smart car which has seat warmers and a full tank of gas. :) so I was able warmed up. By the time the TT started there was maybe twelve of us.

I was the fourth person to go and Saturday morning ride Dave was two people ahead of me. On the TT the way out was with a head wind so I made sure that I stayed at least at 30. On the way back I made sure to stay at 36. On the way back to the finish line was a little bit harder. Because my legs were tired and sore.  So I told myself that if I went faster than all the pain would be over quicker. ;) unfortunately 36 was about as fast as my legs would go. And the little hill just before the finish line nearly killed me.


But overall the road race and the time trial were both a total blast!