Team GIANT Vancouver Welcomes Alex Schmidt


We are pleased to welcome Alex Schmidt to Team GIANT Vancouver. Alex moved out to BC from Ontario in the fall of 2016 after graduating from the University of Guelph. In his first year in BC he won 2 BC cup XCO races, as well as the overall series title. He also had a 20th place at MTB nationals. Alex will represent our team in XC, Enduro, Cyclocross and on the Road. We are looking forward to a great season of racing and training with Alex.

Cyclocross Season in Full Swing

Dave has the team tent set up bright and early at all key team events.

Dave has the team tent set up bright and early at all key team events.

We had a great weekend of Cross racing across the country!

Sandra, Brett, Ryan N., & Rich travelled to Winterpeg for the Nationals. Congrats to you all, there were some great results posted.

Special congrats to Sandra who was 2nd in Elite Women & Richey who won the Single Speed at the Manitoba GP of Cross on the Sunday - WOW!

Newsome was 13th in the Masters 40+,  Brett was 16th in Elite Men at the Nats - nice work boys!

If you haven't already checked it out the rest of the results are here:

Locally we had Dave taking care of the rest of the team with support at Castle Cross (and muffins courtesy of Cheryl!), the support cheer squad was rounded out by Sue, Bill and the Kerr's. It was a great day for a summer cross race - I think most people attacked the course in shorts and a jersey. Like last year it was a tough course with a good variety of terrain.

Brad grabbed our only podium of the day taking the Hole Shot award in the Master Men's race!

We also had Kelsey in the Elite Women's, Pete in the Beginner Men's, and Paul, Jason and Andrew in the Intermediate Men's races. 

Results are here:

Latest Team GIANT Vancouver Results

The past few weeks have yielded some exceptional results for Team GIANT Vancouver. Our team has been racing Road, Mountain Bike and Triathlon events throughout BC, Alberta and Montana.

BC Mountain Bike Premier Series GC (Overall)
    1st     Kelsey MacDonald     (Elite Women)
    1st     Carsten Ivany         (Men 30 -39)
    1st    Jeanine Ball        (Women 30+)

BC Mountain Bike Championships
    1st     Carsten Ivany         (Men 30 -39)
    5th    Kelsey MacDonald     (Elite Women)

Cypress Mountain Hill Climb
    1st     Brett Wakefield     (Overall)

BC Road Championships
    7th     Brett Wakefield     (Men Cat 1, 2)

BC Criterium Championships
    3rd    Julian Base         (Masters B)
    18th    Kelsey MacDonald     (Women Cat 1,2,3)

Canmore Mountain Bike Fest
    1st     Jean Ann Berkenpas     (Elite Women, Overall GC)
    2nd    Jean Ann Berkenpas     (Elite Women, Alberta Cup XC)

Subaru Vancouver Triathlon
    1st    Megan MacDonald     (Women 20-24)

Phoenix Velo Criterium points GC (April to June)
    1st    Carsten Ivany         (A Group)

Nimby (Pemberton)
    1st       Carsten Ivany         (Men’s 30-34)
    1st      Steve Devantier     (Men’s 35-39)
    5th      Jean Ann Berkenpas     (Pro/Elite Women)
    12th      Ryan Newsome         (Men's 40-44)
    21st      Richard Machhein     (Pro/Elite Men)

Squamish Test of Metal
    1st    Carsten Ivany         (Men’s 30-34)
    1st    Steve Devantier     (Men’s 35-39)
    2nd     Kelsey MacDonald     (Women 14-19)
    8th     Susan Weston         (Women 50-54)
    23th     Richard Machhein     (Men, Pro/Elite)
    29th    Paul Craig         (Men 45-49)
    43rd     Andrew Kerr         (Men 35-39)
    53rd     Alan Young         (Men 40-44)
    66th    Ryan Jeans      (Men’s 35-39)
    142th     Jason Bond         (Men 40-44)

Missoula US Cup XC 
    2nd    Ryan Newsome         (Men 40-49, Cat 1)
    5th    Sandra Walter, Liv Canada (Pro Women)

Montana Enduro Series #2
    2th    Sandra Walter, Liv Canada (Pro Women) 
    18th    Ryan Newsome         (Elite Men)

Fernie 3 (All Mountain, 3 Day Stage Race)
    1st     Sandra Walter, Liv Canada (Open Women)
    3rd     Steve Devantier     (Open Men)
    3rd     Susan Weston         (Women 40+)
    9th    Jeanine Ball         (Open Women)
    10th    Ryan Newsome         (Men 40+)
    18th    Richard Machhein     (Open Men)
    18th    Paul Craig         (Men 40+)

Team Giant Vancouver race update for May 9th and 10th

Team GIANT Vancouver had 13 riders representing at 4 separate events this past weekend. The races included the dEVo Stage Race, The Ore Crusher XC, BC Enduro Series and The North West Epic XC Series.

I was unable to track down the results of the dEVo Stage race. As I understand there were a few issues with timing and placement. I went out to watch the race and I can assure you all that Julian was there suffering on Snake Hill. Sorry no photos available as he was going to darn fast!

In other news……

Ore Crusher

Click here for Team Photos
Click here for Race Photos                                

Cat    Place     Rider    
Pro/Elite    1    Sandra Walter    (Liv Cycling Canada)
14-19    1    Kelsey MacDonald    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
20-29    2    Heidi Manicke    (GIANT Vancouver)
20-29    3    Megan MacDonald    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    5    Jeanine Ball    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
50-59    5    Sue Weston    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    3    Steve Devantier    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    4    Carsten Ivany    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    9    Richard Machhein    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
40-49    13    Ryan Newsome    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
40-49    27    Paul Craig    (Team GIANT Vancouver)


The North West Epic Series Strottlemyer

Click here for Photo:
Click here for Photo:           
Cat    Place     Rider    
40-49    24    Alan Young    (Team GIANT Vancouver)


BC Enduro Series

Click here for Photo: 
Cat    Place     Rider    
40+     28    Jason Bond    (Team GIANT Vancouver/ BOND Training)


Sunshine Coast Race Report (by Jeanine Ball)

The Coaster has become one of my favourite races of the season over the last few years. The 2015 edition was no exception. The morning began with the very early ferry ride. Coffee, the company of good teammates and views of the coast makes it all worth it though. Before I knew it we were off the ferry, and after a brief laughter filled drive we arrived at the venue.

I did a solo warm up on the first climb of the course which (while it didn’t feel fantastic at the time) was just what the legs needed to be ready for the start. After the warm up and final instructions it was “go time”. I flowed down the fire road easily, and as I started fairly well back I knew I would have to move up soon. We were quickly onto the climb, and this was my opportunity.  The start of the first race of the season is always a painful reminder of how tough bike racing can be, but my legs and lungs were up to the challenge. I passed a large group of riders early on, and continued to be attentive and move up. On the steepest section near the top I passed three or four riders who had dismounted. I was grateful for the newly installed 42 tooth chain-ring which made the steeper, punchier spots much more comfortable for me! 

Over the next portion of the race I concentrated on finding good wheels to follow. I felt strong and several times continued to say to myself “I can go harder than this person” and pass, pushing forward to the next group ahead. I felt a little rusty in the first few sections of single track, but I improved as the race went on.
After some more rolling technical sections, we got to the most technical climb in the short course, called “Pumpkin Patch”. I was still with quite a large group, so I did my best to maintain position and try to ride as smoothly as possible.  A couple of times I had to do a quick dismount when a rider in front of me faltered, but quickly got back to a solid rhythm. I remembered the section seemed to take forever last year, and it went by fast this time! At the top the marathon and short course separated, so a number of the riders I had been back and forth up to the point were no longer around. I went from being in a group to only seeing 1 or 2 riders.  I enjoyed it though as I was able to set my own pace.

After a short fire road climb, it was into the first real single track descent of the race. I had a blast! I love the loamy lush green trails, and couldn’t stop smiling to myself- I think I even looked around if there was someone to shout “woohooo” at.  When I came out, a group of the awesome race volunteers were cheering, and I got my chance to “woohoo” with and shout a thanks to them! 

The rest of the race continued much the same way – beautiful rolling single track with a few tough smaller climbs and fire road sections. Before I knew it I was flowing down one of the last descents. As I neared the bottom, one of the young junior riders went ripping by – I thought I was descending well but man he was flying! I stayed with him on the final climb, but let him enter the last bit of fun and bumpy downhill first. I was trying to stay as close to him as I could and riding fast but perhaps a wee bit too fast, and smacked my knee on the end of a stump. It slowed me for a second, but I could hear the finish line, and knew it was only seconds away, so I took a breath, and rolled onto the finish.

I was pleased with my ride, and knew I had ridden well. I was even more pleased when I found out I had won my category (30+ women), and shaved 14 minutes off my time from last year! This made the post-race BBQ and celebration with my amazing teammates extra-special. Thanks to Team Giant Vancouver and all of our sponsors for making such a fantastic race day possible.


Spring Series - Murchie & Atomic Race Report

Saturday - Murchie

Before the race started, I knew it was going to be hard after we saw Will Routley (ToC Stage winner/ KOM leader) at sign on. It was my second time in the A group after successfully finishing the first one in 12th, so I had a lot more confidence going into this one. Along side me was Carsten and Rich, it would be Carsten's firstrace in the As.

The race started out at a crawling pace, but that only lasted for a lap an a bit. Two laps in the flurry of attacks started, and lasted until the break of the day was established. All the accelerations caused some pretty bad corners, one of the riders hit a cone which bounced and rolled through the group ultimately causing me to ride off the road into the gravel. I stayed upright it was no worse than a cross race. Carsten and Rich slowed up to help me back into the group which ultimately left us all in a bad spot when the group was all thinned out. A couple corners later a Glotman rider took the corner to hot and hit the deck, the peloton split in half leaving 12 of us chasing a 30s second gap to the main group. Unfortunately when the split happened Carsten and Rich were on the wrong wheel and by the time they realized it there was to big of a gap to close.  

I continued on with the second group on the road. We set up a pretty organized pace line which got us back to that main group 3 laps later, By that time the break of the day was established. Dylan Davies (RTR) and Emiel De Rosnay (LB). 

For the next couple laps we were at the mercy of Routley. A couple attacks tried to get away to form a chase group but nothing was established. 4 laps to go Routley rode to the front and pinned it. The group was all strung out until 2 laps to go when Routley got away with Jackson and a couple others. 


Those gaps stayed that way for the rest of the race, but by that time not much of the peloton was left, only about 10 or so of us. 1KM to go there was some attacks which I was able to cover and ended up off the front of the chase group with 2 LB riders which had be out numbered in the bunch sprint, I ended up 10th, but pretty happy considering how the race played out. 32 Starters 26 finishers. 

Sunday - Atmoic

Woke up Sunday morning sore and in typical spring series fashion, it was pouring rain. The start of the A was a bit smaller due to the weather and lots of the juniors racing the B's for Western Canada Games qualification. Yet again Mr Routley showed up so we all knew that with a hilly course it would be a war of attrition. First lap was pretty calm as per usual, lots of riders getting the warm up in. Lap two the attacks started and continued until Davies rode solo off the front with a good 70km to go. The next couple of laps were calm as no one really wanted to chase him down. Finally the attacks started again, the group spilt and I found myself in the chase group with Routley and 5 others. The Flugas team was out strong on Sunday, as none of them raced the previous day, but all of them quit the race at 70km after all of them missed the chase. 

After the chase was established we worked well together, and were pulling 30 seconds back on Davies each lap. On the bell lap Davies was in striking distance. The attacks started again and after barely hanging on the last 3 laps I finally popped. I rode the last lap solo for 8th. 


Photo by Pete Whalen 

Photo by Pete Whalen 

Spring Series - Aldergrove Long Race Report

Raced in the C group. And was able to stay with the top 5 riders for most of the race. There was an attack on the third lap that I lost on the last climb. I considered trying to close the gap but then I figured by the time I caught them, I would be absolutely gassed and blurry eyed. So I ended remaining with the main peloton for the rest of the race. I was able to remain in the top five of that group except for a few of the climbs where I would fall back. But I was able to make my way back to the front after the climb. On the last lap I knew where I sat in comparison to the other riders m especially the girls. I did miss an attack on zero where a solo rider went off the front and held. Half way along zero I got mentally prepared to suffer terribly on the last climb. On the first bump up I was boxed in and I hoped and prayed that someone would stall or jump. On the second bump the left side moved just enough for me to move through and find the escape velocity girl in front of me. On the last section if the hill escape velocity girl was in front but then she hesitated which was enough for me to come around her for the win.

Between the RR and the TT I got a little chilled but luckily I had the little smart car which has seat warmers and a full tank of gas. :) so I was able warmed up. By the time the TT started there was maybe twelve of us.

I was the fourth person to go and Saturday morning ride Dave was two people ahead of me. On the TT the way out was with a head wind so I made sure that I stayed at least at 30. On the way back I made sure to stay at 36. On the way back to the finish line was a little bit harder. Because my legs were tired and sore.  So I told myself that if I went faster than all the pain would be over quicker. ;) unfortunately 36 was about as fast as my legs would go. And the little hill just before the finish line nearly killed me.


But overall the road race and the time trial were both a total blast!



Dirty Duo Race Report

Again this year the Dirty Duo is my first official race of the season, I have done a couple of the local Saturday Morning Toonie rides to try to get the legs used to some race efforts and I missed the first of the spring series races so it comes down to the Dirty Duo once again.

This year we've had such an amazingly dry and warm winter that I thought for sure we'd get some of the classic rain and fog by the time the Duo rolled around but lucky for us the good weather held in there. I don't think I've ever done this race in the dry and was quite curious as to how it would be without the slimy and slipper trails Seymour is famous for. Not only was it dry, the conditions were perfect, the roots were tacky and the rocks were sticky, all was ideal for race day.

In years past there have been a few very talented riders show up for some early season racing and it definitely changes the pace of the lead group. This year I was happy to be counted as one of the faster guys at the start line so I felt sure I could finally win this race after all these years.

This was also my first race and maybe my third ride on my new Giant XTC 29er, I’ve been very excited to finally see how this new machine handles. Last year I raced on a 27.5 and really liked it but it didn’t quite suite my riding style. The thing I really enjoyed about the 27.5 was the light weight and punchy acceleration. So I was looking forward to racing on the new 29’er with carbon rims and frame hopefully making up for my previous 29er shortcomings.

Off the start line we quickly formed a group of 5 and stuck together on the flatter sections not burning any matches. We were together through the first trail sections and descent right up to the first climb up from the old twin bridges. I chose this hill to attack and get a gap, hoping that if they lost sight of me they would eventually give up the chase. Also I’m not the most amazing descender on Ned’s and I wanted enough room to ride Ned’s without having to push my limits and risk a crash.

The course was different this year due to the twin bridge being washed out so we had to take the only crossing available to us. There is a crazy steep and long wooden stairway down to a pedestrian bridge linking the west side of the river with the east. Unfortunately it became a pinch point for runners and riders all trying to use the stairs in either direction. Once past this however the trail opened up a bit and we were able to open up the throttle again.

Once past the stairway I was able to keep my gap over the next group until one point on the course, I think it was salamander I turned left where I should have right. On the plus side I was able to rides some cool trails I’ve never been on and eventually (and luckily) able to find the course again near one of the marshals and was on my way once again.

 Even though I was back on course I had a hard time inflating my sails again. I made my way through some fun trails back to Baden Powel. Once I hit Baden Powel I knew where I was again and started to build speed again. I was really looking forward to the Old Buck climb, I’ve always saved a bit in the first climbs so I could really drop the hammer on the nice long steep grades.

This year was no different, I put everything I had left into that climb, pushing much harder and faster than I’ve been able to in years past. I managed to catch one of the guys I had been riding with earlier in the race, further building my confidence.

The descent of Ned’s is always pretty hairy for me, it’s well beyond my comfort level so I take it pretty easy. Despite my carful descent I still inadvertently picked up some good speed in some sections narrowly avoiding a couple pretty spectacular crashes.

Once past Ned’s the rest of the race was pretty uneventful, I wasn’t able to catch anyone else and made it back up the crazy stairs again without falling to my death.

At the finish I was happy to find out that I still managed a solid 3rd place about 8 minutes behind 1st. I congratulated the guys on their great riding and look forward to a rematch next year!

The bike was incredible, so lively and punchy on the climbs. The back wheel stays planted and finds traction where I didn’t think there was any. I found myself climbing some pretty steep stuff that I would normally have hopped off and pushed up. On the descents the bike is fun and nimble. There was no hint of the languid handling that 29ers are known for. I could hop and jump and carve the trail like I was on the 27.5 with the added bonus of its ability to roll over stuff that the smaller wheels hang up on. I had so much fun on some of the trail I almost forgot I was racing and found myself looking for trail features to lip off or jump.

 I really want to thank Giant Vancouver for their awesome support this year, it’s going to be a fun year representing the coolest shop in Vancouver. I look forward to seeing them out at some of the races this year.


R.Carsten Ivany

Team GIANT Vancouver Unveils 2015 Roster, Sponsors

February 27, 2015 (Pitt Meadows, BC) – The GIANT Vancouver Lower Mainland BC-based cycling team is pleased to announce its roster, sponsors, and schedule for the 2015 season. 
The headline news is the squad’s new title sponsor, GIANT Vancouver, an exclusive GIANT bicycles retail store located in Vancouver, BC. The newly named Team GIANT Vancouver is excited about its partnership for 2015 and beyond, as its riders have raced and trained on GIANT bicycles for the past 12 years.

Team Owner and Manager Paul Craig said: “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with the GIANT brand. GIANT Vancouver is a natural fit for us as the shop offers the full range of Giant Bicycles including Road, Track, Mountain, Cyclocross and Single Speed, along with unparalleled service. We are looking forward to representing our sponsors at provincial, national and international events.”

Team GIANT Vancouver is a multi-disciplinary group of like-minded riders who enjoy the training, racing and social aspects of cycling. Everyone on the roster is very proud to be a positive ambassador for the sport and the cycling community. Cycling is their shared passion and each Team GIANT Vancouver member is keen to develop a cycling culture that is inclusive of all ages and abilities.

The team will participate in a full schedule of races over the season highlighted by some of BC’s signature events, including the BC Premier Road and Cyclocross Series, the Test of Metal group of events, BC Championships, and the Burnaby 4 Day.

The squad has been extremely fortunate to have received the support of some incredible sponsors and athletes over the years. The team will be continuing its decade-long relationship with both Kicking Horse Coffee and Golden Ears Physiotherapy, and is equally pleased to be supported by Cycles Lambert and its world-class brands this season.

The GIANT Vancouver team has existed under a number of names and title sponsors over the past 18 years. After originally being founded as Team Organic by Aaron Robbins, it became Natural Earth Racing in 2001. More recently, the team was sponsored by Local Ride Bike Shop as one of the most recognized and respected squads in the province.

Team GIANT Vancouver wishes Local Ride Racing and all departing team members luck in the future and looks forward to continuing with their common goals of building cycling in the community.

2015 Roster

Anne-Marie Gagnon Sponsor
Heidi Manicke MTB/CX/Road
Jeanine Ball MTB/CX/Road
Kelsey MacDonald MTB/CX/Road/Track
Megan MacDonald MTB/CX/Road/Track/Triathlon
Sue Weston MTB/CX/Road
Sandra Walter Liv Cycling Canada Ambassador (Honorary team member)

Andrew Kerr MTB/CX/Road
Bill MacDonald Sponsor
Brad Collins MTB/CX/Road
Brett Wakefield Road/CX
Carsten Ivany MTB/Rd/CX
Dave Hardie MTB/Road (Team Mechanic)
Jason Bond MTB/CX
Julian Base MTB/CX/Road/Track
Paul Craig MTB/CX/Road (Team Manager)
Pete Whalen MTB/CX/Road
Rich Machhein MTB/CX/SS/Road/Track
Ryan Jeans MTB/CX/Road
Ryan Newsome MTB/CX/Road
Steve Devantier MTB/CX/Road/SS/Commuting/‪#‎enduro‬
Mike Rothengatter MTB/Road/Track

Team Ambassadors
Marie Devantier
Bill Whalen
Neil Campbell
Steve Fenning

About Team GIANT Vancouver’s Sponsors

GIANT Vancouver:

Giant Bicycles:

Kicking Horse Coffee:

Golden Ears Physiotherapy:



Media Contact:

Paul Craig, Team GIANT Vancouver Owner & Manager


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