Team Giant Vancouver race update for May 9th and 10th

Team GIANT Vancouver had 13 riders representing at 4 separate events this past weekend. The races included the dEVo Stage Race, The Ore Crusher XC, BC Enduro Series and The North West Epic XC Series.

I was unable to track down the results of the dEVo Stage race. As I understand there were a few issues with timing and placement. I went out to watch the race and I can assure you all that Julian was there suffering on Snake Hill. Sorry no photos available as he was going to darn fast!

In other news……

Ore Crusher

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Cat    Place     Rider    
Pro/Elite    1    Sandra Walter    (Liv Cycling Canada)
14-19    1    Kelsey MacDonald    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
20-29    2    Heidi Manicke    (GIANT Vancouver)
20-29    3    Megan MacDonald    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    5    Jeanine Ball    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
50-59    5    Sue Weston    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    3    Steve Devantier    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    4    Carsten Ivany    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
30-39    9    Richard Machhein    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
40-49    13    Ryan Newsome    (Team GIANT Vancouver)
40-49    27    Paul Craig    (Team GIANT Vancouver)


The North West Epic Series Strottlemyer

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Cat    Place     Rider    
40-49    24    Alan Young    (Team GIANT Vancouver)


BC Enduro Series

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Cat    Place     Rider    
40+     28    Jason Bond    (Team GIANT Vancouver/ BOND Training)